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Online home of Jamie the beggar

Hey. If you do a google search for "jamie the beggar" you will get a bunch of stuff about homelessness and homeless peoples named "Jamie". As far as I can tell none of these people, sites and etcetera have anything to do with me. I am a 30-something Gen-Xer who is generally pretty angry about far too many things. Generally stupid things, but aren't all the things that make me angry stupid? Anyhow, I hope someday to make this site a .org, as well as it's sister site which is not yet built. Why? 'Cos I'm smart. I'm smart, I'm nice, I care, and I want to do what I can to help those who really need it. The disenfranchised youths of our society. You know, the ones that wander from town to town looking for nothing to do. Here in Missoula Montana we get 'em every year, and I worry about 'em all 'cos there are some pretty scary people out there. I don't need to describe them, if your here then you know what kinds of monsters I'm talking about. I hope to be busy working on this site for awhile, I have little else to do right now. Remember: The idea that the United States of America is some kind of "democratic republic" is old and out-dated. We are a Democracy. Vote for it. God Bless, and believe in the troops and pray for the people. Goddess Bless and don't forget to hit the boards and excercise your right to free-speech. Just don't break the rules of proboards.

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